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Premium Grade Anti Static Mats – Made in the USA specializes in custom made Anti Static Mat Kits and Anti Static Mat rolls, Anti Static Finger Cots and Anti Static Tapes along with grounding accessories for Auto, Electronic assembly, Photonics and Solar manufacturing.

Anti Static Table Mats and Anti Static Table Mat Kits

anti static foam mat
Anti Static Foam Mats are made of 3/8″ thick Anti Static PVC foam for extra comfort. Surface Resistivity is 107 – 108. They are available in kits and rolls. The Anti Static Foam Mat Kits include a mat, a wrist strap, and a ground cord. The rolls are available in 2 ft., 2.5 ft., and 3 ft. width and up to 60 ft. length in blue color.
anti static general purpose mat kit
Anti Static General Purpose Mat Kits are made of 3/32″ thick single layer homogenous polymer mix with anti static properties. They have a light texture. Bertech’s General Purpose Anti Static Mat Kits are designed to provide a static safe work surface to protect static sensitive devices. Surface Resistivity is 109 – 1010. They are available in kits and rolls in blue and gray color.
anti static high temperature mat

Anti Static High Temperature Mats are made in the USA from two layers of elastomer designed for table top or workstations. The top layer is static dissipative rubber laminated to a conductive bottom rubber layer. Surface Resistivity of top layer is 108 – 109 and bottom layer is 105 – 106. Available in kits and rolls in blue and gray.

anti static vinyl mat kit
Anti Static Vinyl Mat Kits are made from a 0.094″ thick premium grade homogeneous solid vinyl material with a buried conductive layer in between that provides consistent electrical properties. Surface Resistivity is 3×107 – 9.5×108. They are available in blue and gray rolls. Anti Static Vinyl Mat kits include a grounding cord and a wrist strap.

Anti Static Floor Mats and Anti Static Floor Mat Kits

anti static anti fatigue mat kit
Anti Static Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Kits are made of a gray color thick closed-cell expanded PVC material with anti static properties. They are designed to provide comfort and reduce worker fatigue when used in a static sensitive environment. Surface Resistivity is 108 – 109. They are available in mat rolls of 3 ft or 4 ft width.
anti static chair mat
Anti Static Chair Mats are made of rigid solid vinyl with a buried conductive layer, giving it consistent electrical properties. These anti static mats provide superior physical properties along with the rigidity needed for today’s office environment. Surface Resistivity is 108 – 109. They are available in dark gray color.
anti static floor runner kit
Anti Static Floor Runner Kits and Rolls are made of a gray color homogeneous polymer mix of durable PVC with Anti Static properties. They are ideal for production assembly rooms where a static safe area is required. These runners have a V-Groove emboss, which makes them slip resistant. Surface Resistivity is 108 – 109.