Los Angeles, January 10, 2017: Bertech, a leader in ESD Safety products for over 30 years, has expanded its distribution of ESD Safety products, such as ESD Mat Kits, Kapton Tapes and Finger Cots, to Amazon Canada. The company has been on Amazon’s main marketplace site since 2012, and has had huge success selling its products on the site.

“We have had a great response to selling our products on Amazon,” said Atif Moon, Director of Bertech. “It was a natural progression to sell our products on its Canadian online shopping site.”

Amazon, which has specific sites for countries all over the world, launched the Canadian site in 2002. Bertech will now be able to reach Canadian consumers and business owners faster and easier. While many Canadian companies already order from the company, even more will now be made aware of Bertech’s high-quality items.

About Bertech:

is a leading supplier of ESD Products, Kapton Tapes and Finger Cots. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a state of the art website it provides business to business solutions to small and medium, as well as large businesses in the auto, electronics, industrial, and healthcare industries. Some of its most popular sites are kaptontape.com, fingercots.net, and esdmat.com.

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